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Poker Players Upset After Poker Room Closes Without Paying Out Entire Promotional Fund

You can make money at traditional Texas hold’em thanks to skill, while Ultimate Texas Hold’em is a chance game where you are expected to be a loser over time. In other words, a poker player would have to sit in a different casino game in order to reclaim a portion of the rake that was collected to fund the poker room’s now defunct promotional pot. Though the casino informed poker players a full 30 days ahead of time that the poker room would be permanently closing thanks to renovations, poker players reportedly believe the promotional fund wasn’t discontinued and disbursed correctly. “Outside of the [poker] room there [was] a description of ‘hey, we’re closing, here’s what we’re going to do, here’s what’s going to happen with the jackpots, and here’s where the rest of the money is going to go,’ which is where this whole thing came about because people read that and said, ‘hey, that seems kind of unethical,’” local poker player Lucas Newman told the website. The poker room stopped collecting extra rake from cash game pots to fund the promotional fund on July 25, according to its website. That was weeks after notice was issued that the room would be shuttering and about a week before the room closed.

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